Our Philosophies

Our goal is to get you through the difficulties in developing your business, project or idea, so that you may achieve your dreams. We work on behalf of the shareholders, not the company. We aim to allow business owners to live the lives they desire vs. micromanaging every aspect of their organization.


Many business owners run around in circles and are unable to live the life they truly deserve to live. Find out how we have helped other entrepreneurs meet their goals.

Our Process

Most Consigliere Inc. clients are referred to us through CPA’s, Attorney’s, Business Brokers, Commercial Real Estate Brokers or previous clients. Upon identifying a potential client, or upon a client contacting us; we schedule a 1 hour complimentary consultation via phone or in our Denver, CO. offices. Upon the conclusion of that consultation, the Consigliere consultant will either recommend we move towards an ANALYSIS or an ENGAGEMENT.

If you found this page you are someone with a dream! Getting from here to there is not always easy, and having a trusted advisor, counselor or CONSIGLIERE is something which may be your missing ingredient from getting from where you are to where you are going! We offer a vast array of expertise, ability, and skills which will absolutely do nothing but enhance your opportunities and possibilities.

Consigliere Inc. takes the approach to work with and for ownership in order to identify and develop goals and create a paved road to attain them. Too many times, entrepreneurs rely solely on their own abilities without utilizing those who have seen a vast array of others in their identical industry deal with the same issues. Utilization of our firm assures that your solutions have already been identified and resolved.


Cannabis Business Analysis typically last between 2 to 3 days. The cost range widely based on the complexity of the business, the issues facing the company, total number of licenses, facilities, employees or other factors. Consigliere Inc. is happy to put our “skin in the game” by guaranteeing the value of its analysis services. If you do not find value equivalent to the services provided, you need not pay anything for the analysis.

Engagements are discussed with the client either at the end of the consultation or at the conclusion of the Analysis. If we recommend an engagement, we are certain of several things; A. any dollars invested in our services will result in a return to shareholders in excess of 3 x’s, B. We will not engage a client we cannot significantly assist, C. both the client and the consultant are clear as to the scope of the project proposed prior to invoicing, and lastly, D. we believe wholeheartedly that the investment you are going to make is going to make wise financial sense for your organization.