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Cannabis Licensing Applications & Reviews

Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Dispensary License Application Services

Application Services

For those applying for licenses in various States, the application process is substantial and difficult, requiring great focus, attention to detail and industry knowledge. We can provide expert assistance in completing the arduous and necessary application process and prepare documentation for applications for several dozen entities.

Application Review

The cost of applying for State licenses is immense. Often times an application may be disqualified due to a simple error by the team developing the application and preparing the documentation. Applications cost anywhere from $100,000 to upwards of $1,000,000, and acceptance of that application may be based on a missing item, incorrect assumptions, or other factors affecting the acceptability of your application whether developed internally or by another agency. We provide a thorough review of your application and do our best to identify issues and ensure that all documentation is complete so that your application stands the best chance of being accepted.

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