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Cannabis Investing Services

Cannabis Investment Services

Due Diligence/Investor Services

Whether you are a private equity firm, home office, angel investor, or looking to roll up competitors, we provide unbiased and honest due diligence services on behalf of the investor.

Business Evaluation Services

If for any reason you need an approximate valuation of your company or the value of a potential investment, we can provide estimates based on insider industry information, industry metrics, a review of intangible assets, identification of inefficiencies, projected revenues, and other available criteria.  

Investor Deck/Capital Raise Docs

If your company is seeking to raise capital and needs investor decks, prepared financials, or any other form of documentation, we can arm you with the professionally developed assistance required by most sophisticated investors. Our team includes former investment bankers, CPAs, and experienced CEOs who have raised capital, invested in privately and publicly held companies, and been on both the buy and sell side of investments.

*Costs associated with investment services are estimated at the time of engagement.  The criteria affecting these estimates include, but are not limited to: anticipated hours, type of consultant assigned, and complexity of issues identified.

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