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Cannabis Retail & Marijuana Marketing

Retail Services – Digital Marketing, Branding, and Design Consultants 

Budtender Training

If you are concerned about your average transactions or notice that some budtenders’ average sales are far greater than others, this program is an excellent way of teaching your budtenders the proper methods of upselling, suggestive selling, and taking control of each transaction. Our experience is that solid budtender training can improve your average transaction by up to 40%.

Secret Shopper

Have you ever wondered what kind of service your staff provides your customers in your retail stores? We provide this service to give you a heads up on how your staff’s methods of suggestive selling, overall product knowledge, and how they treat different kinds of customers based on age, sex, personality types and other factors.  These techniques are commonly used for large retailers and the results can improve your customer experience tremendously.

Digital Marketing Review

Social media and all electronic marketing methods are rapidly changing, as do you and your company. We have some of the top people in the industry working for Consigliere Inc. We will review your web page, SEO, social media outreach and provide a snapshot of where you are, suggested improvements, and expert methodology to improve your traffic by giving you and your staff a comprehensive understanding of the entire process.

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