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METRC Installation, Audits, & Analysis

METRC Installation/Setup

Upon the receipt or transfer of a license, a full setup is required. All items must be created, including the addition of all employees, strains, RFID tags, SKU’s, plants, and other relevant information necessary to start using the software.  

METRC Training

If you have experienced turnover in staff, need a refresher, or have to grow your management team, we can advise management, ownership and assigned METRC personnel on the best practices and standard operating procedures related to sound METRC operations.  We will guide your team on how to efficiently maneuver through the system and teach them the compliance standards for proper use of the software system. We will include tips, tricks and shortcuts to assist you in saving time while operating the system properly. This training can be for individuals or multiple users simultaneously.

METRC Analysis

This function is similar to a typical MED inspection of your software.  Our analysis represents a quick review of your current METRC system, where we will try and identify specific problem areas regarding the compliance of your data. Our goal is to try and identify or highlight items which may encourage further diagnostics by the MED.  We will provide you with a basic grade in the quality of your records.  This analysis may be done remotely by one of our METRC experts.  Access to your METRC will be required to complete this process. Discounts for this analysis may be available when combined with a Business Analysis.

METRC Auditing Varies Greatly $250/Hr. or Subject to Review

METRC Auditing is a far more in-depth version of the analysis above. We will dig into your system and be able to identify non-compliance, potential theft, employees who may not be properly trained or are currently misusing the software, and items which may incur fines or penalties upon deeper review by the MED. This is a thorough, multi-point checklist of your data, users, plant count, and compliance standards utilized by your company.

METRC Reconciliation Varies Greatly $300/Hr. or Subject to Review

METRC reconciliation is a thorough deconstruction and reconstruction of your entire software system. This type of service can only be done by very few professionals worldwide and it is usually necessary for those clients that have been warned by the MED or given a time period to fix the issues within their system. It is the goal of reconciliation to identify and fix any and all problems we find in your METRC data base.  We then work tirelessly to mitigate those issues and return your system to full compliance and reliability.  

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